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Why make the call for your complimentary discovery session with Me?

Because I am the expert in my field. My clients achieve their goals and get to the next level. I have an excellent track record for success. See my testimonials.....

Charlene Hancock

Mind Joy: Certified Life Coaching

Mind joy is an experience with the moment of now, receiving and allowing good thoughts; creating good feelings... Flowing with daily life as it expands around us. The more collective we can become with mind joy moments; being aware of what makes us happy and allowing those moments to flow...
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The Mind Joy Journey:

Welcome to applying action steps to your Mind Joy journey. Inside this paradigm of your personal transformation, you get aligned by taking action steps that add to accumulating the desired results. Through Mind Joy coaching, you will share your story and be heard, and from there we build together your vision and your outcome step by step....
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Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking
Break old thinking habits

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, representing the Ancient Toltec Lineage, is facilitated in the Mind Joy Coaching process with a client. The action required of the client is to take pauses. By practicing through out their moments in their day they transform their old thinking habits that no longer serve them. Once the Client becomes practiced at being the observer of his/her thoughts and applies the process of The Four Agreements, the client creates a flow of feeling Mind Joy moments in their daily experience.

Living in the now

Your guideline to success

Being in the Now, is what holds the power for the Client to grasp this new concept of how Mind Joy aligns with their thinking process. Being aware of the pause, helps create the will for change that empowers the my client to act in the aligning of new words. The real words of truth that feed a new positive belief system in that moment. This process practiced daily invites a Life Transition that will surprise and excite you... sessions with Charlene will guide and teach you this practice...

Life Coaching Execute

Make it happen

The true action will come when a trying moment or circumstance comes up and a client chooses a different reaction then what He/she would have previously chosen. Coming into awareness is brought to clients through understanding " The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Facilitated with my Clients in private Coaching Sessions.





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