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Action speaks louder than words...

Being at the Bottom of Stuck.

The place where thoughts are a mystery. Thoughts are illusive. Thoughts are lying to your spirit self, and the spirit self is under attack by how these thoughts consume the mind joy. These kinds of thoughts rip out the fabric of  your daily life outcomes by denying you mind joy*. Squelching your authentic self.
*Mind Joy: the place in you that knows you are creating your best life through conscious consciousness of every thought you think.
So now that we have recognized the problem, how does one take back ownership of their thinking circuitry?
Once Spit Zig*  is understood by the conscious consciousness... One can then choose their words wisely from the heart instead of the head.
*Find the meaning of Spit Zig at the blog titled: My Re-begin Blog, February 9th, 2016.
The ego truly wants to utilize your words in the context that they are delivered. It doesn't differentiate good or bad, it just wants to give you what you want. It is the the ones' responsibility to be accountable for the outcome of ones' words; that turn into thought processes; that turn into outcomes.
I use the formula from Jack Canfield's Train the Trainer program, which works as a tool to trigger my thinking before thinking.
This formula is E + R = O, the first principle 
E - Experience + R - Reaction = O - Outcome. Period.
Inspiring positive words of thought.
This is the trigger pre-thinking thinking formula for creating words. This creates the circuit of energy, triggering the heart chakra to open and allows the thoughts to come from the heart before the head. Ones' authentic energy reveals the words that support ones' daily outcomes. One can then begin that very moment to align new words to Create the most Truthful Reaction and Experience the Best Outcome. 
So for example, the Awakening Thought could  be... Oh, I realize that this experience of feeling and being stuck is making me feel ill and afraid for my future. Coming into the understanding that I no longer like this feeling. Triggering the question - what thought or words can I think so that I change the pattern of the thoughts that have been leading me into being stuck. Like the fire fly theory of catching the light with the flash of your mind.... An aha feeling comes before the words. This is the moment of now that my spirit takes back its power and allows me the new found energy of the pre-thinking thinking to come into play with Jack Canfield's Formula E + R = O.
This is a cycle. Once the cycle is recognized that the words and thoughts that I am delivering to my ego are creating the outcome of my experience and so creating the outcome of being stuck. One then needs to catch those illusive lying words and spit zig them out of the unconscious unconsciousness and into the conscious consciousness of the authentic self, to make room for the next best words of thought and outcomes.
Understanding what this formula can do for you, will create your next Best Mind Joy Filled Life ~
Today's challenge: 
Take an inventory of your feelings today. Are they leading you positively forward with positive outcomes? 
Rate yourself from one to ten. Anything 6 and under needs closer thought examination. 
Try this formula for those feelings that came from the words that make you think you are stuck when you are just a thought away from being unstuck. 
Please be sure and express your outcome of using this formula to pre-think yourself into your next Best Thought Outcome in the comments.... Your feedback will encourage others and this is how we spread  Mind Joy around....





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