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                                What is a Facilitating Life Coach?

       This is how the process in action is taken in the facilitation of a Life Coaching session with a client.

Facilitation is a form of communication whereby the individual who is facilitating is taking dialogue from other resources and distributing the information via delivery, through the means of discerning and perceiving the information for the benefit of the receiver. This gains the receiver of the information the best perception and interpretation from the certified facilitator. 

Why I chose to be a Facilitations life coach?

This decision came from a place of compassion. I learned early to master being a discerning, intuitive, compassionate listener. When I, in the moment, continually made myself be in the moment and look people in the eye, I was able to respond to people sincerely and sensitively. 

As I continued to practice this personal choice to listen to people this way, I realized I was responding from a heart felt place inside me. The more I opened up to responding to people's stories, situations and circumstances, the better information I facilitated through me from all the Authors I had been studying for my own personal growth for the past forty years. These insights were perceived and applied through facilitation from guidance from such Authors as, Ylanla Vanzant, Neale Donald Walsh, Robin Sharma, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Susan Jeffers, Don Miguel Ruiz.... And many more.j

This became a habit that made me into the Facilitator Life Coach that I have become.

People benefit from my services through workshops that present facilitations from many resourced Authors on many, many topics. This also benefits from the same process with one on one clients and Corporate business teams.

My main root of Facilitating in founded in the Toltec Message that comes through the Author's from the Ruiz Family.

Don Miguel Ruiz is the Author of The Four Agreements.

My Life Coaching/Business Coaching comes from my ability to allow people space to figure things out. The ability as an experienced life coach to ascertain the right questions. To listen well enough to discern what is being said behind the words, so as to bring the person into their own personal perception and ah ha moments of remembering who they are, through receiving the facilitated information. 

This process is very powerful and has the ability to shift a person in the direction of their most intended life purpose.

This Life Coaching facilitation process is part of my natural talent, gift and experience. I create my professional intention when I am working with people and their personal stories and their emotions.

I feel honoured every time I am given the opportunity to bring my professional facilitating Life Coaching services to individuals. 

It is most rewarding when this process is passed on to another person. As my clients move forward with their story, they take with them the wisdom of the Master Authors of our times, and grow themselves into their next best day!





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