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Sharing my next Journey.....

Yes! This truly is me showing up as Me!
My adventure with my life time is before me and All my dots are coming together. I am over joyed, over whelmed and confident in knowing it will be everything and more then my old playing small self. I have awoken and I am here to serve.
I have learned over this weekend that I am here on purpose knowing what I am here to do. Showing up at my own door and walking into my planned life time.
The experience of my masting my life time movement is a space to connect my heart, mind, body and soul to the actual real hours in my own life. As I learn it, walk it, then teach it.
I also own in Me being a one on one Life Time Discovery Coach.
I am a certified (publisher's permission) facilitator of The Four Agreements, and beyond. My dream is to reach the youth of this world. My aim is to take these Online Classes into my living space and facilitate, mediate, and discover with others the journey into practicng mastering their life time in The Four Agreements movement. I plan on facilitating and serving it into the classrooms of private, separate and catholic school boards, colleges and universities in St.Catharines, then Ontario, then Canada.
A movement is when people decide to be a tribe of positive effect on this planet. My effect is to reach the hearts and minds of people and make living a simple pleasure.
This may sound too far fetched, but not so in my life time experience.
In my doubtful ways I have found out all along I have been resourcing, collecting, learning, applying, creating, designing, encouraging, in the back ground of my sub-conscious.
I believe in if there is a will then there is a way. My will comes from my 5 year old little girl who whispered to me into my future ear, you will speak volumes in the world and they will listen.
Thank you to WO Wolfwalker who shared with me the energy field I am here to be. I own being a Stone Hopper. My work here is to amass peace through owning the job of being the coordinator of the light workers.
We are all here to shine out our light into what we remember about our mission in coming here.
The earth is the Heart chakra. The earth is here to give us our life time to heal it's broken heart. The healing of this earth chakra will come when all the healers come together and work together in unity, without jealousy or competition so as to connect the dots of one one by one. Lovingly connecting and supporting our journey to oneness together. Healing the world one Light worker at a time.
My workshops: Clear the Fear; Mastering Life Time Workshop; Facilitated deep study of The Four Agreements in the Mind Joy Four Class Series. So far these are my contribution of curriculum in this movement into practicing daily living in The Four Agreements. These workshop and classes are to create the space for us to work together and change the world. In our own little lite of up corners of our own life time we are reaching One at a time, one by one, creating many.
I am here to bring Mind Joy back to this world. What we think about we bring through the law of attraction. Joy in the mind comes from positive forward thinking thoughts.
The Four Agreements are food for the Soul. Peace for the Mind. Clarity of thought perception. Control of reacting negatively. Laughing at life and yourself. Accountability to your word. A blessing to others. A leadership movement to be an example to the world. To be one who values their rarity and their 'life time'.
And lastly, I am opening my space to invite complimentary Hump Day Meditations and Insights. This event is for those who are seeking a pause in your life time... It is one hour and fifteen. The fifteen is for arrival time and getting started right on time.
You can find all dates, events and workshops at my website under events. You can register right from that calendar.
In closing my personal blog today. What I know for sure...I have found my 5 year olds voice in my ear and I will not quit. I will pursue and live in the moment. I will endure, ask, receive, share and guide myself to her memory and my heartfelt little girl who knew I was coming here for a reason that was way bigger then I could have ever dreamed or believed I could be. The first thing first is showing up and owning my Story for this Real Life Time I am in, in this Moment!





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