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Time For Everything Part Two...

Continuing forward from our first blog...Time For Everything...

If you did the exercise of elimination of your 168 hours in a 7 day week...

You included:

Eating, sleeping, working, shopping, cleaning, self care, hobbies, eg, joga classes, gym, personal training, exercising, .... anything that is in your regular 7 day week of 168 hours.

With each of the items subtracting from the total, you should end of with a remainder of hours. Eg, my week has 18 hours left over.

If your week schedule uses more than 168 hours....hold up! ,, you need to give me a call so we can start sorting out your priorities and your stresses.

It is with the hours that are left over that we can practice the first of 4 Agreements,  Be Impeccable With Your Word.

Now its time for me to submit to what I want to use my left over 18 hours for. What makes me happy? What would I like to do. When do these 18 hours get used? Is it evening time or day time? Is it a whole day's worth of time to use or is it pockets of 3 hours x 6 days = 18.

Getting organized about how you use your time is a great tool to help you identify where there are pockets of time for you to use for your joy and benefit.

Life does not have to be perfect, things do come up and distract us. The discipline is to stay focused of the goal intended; so that when certain distractions come up, you know when to say no and you know when to say yes.

You will know you have it when you find yourself aware of using your 18 or so left over hours, and you keep practicing keeping your word with yourself about using those left over hours to The Best of Your Ability. Agreement number Four. Remember: Your best will change from day to day based on mood and circumstances. Be prepared by taking care of you first so your energy is always available for you to make the best choices in your everyday decisions of how you spend your time.

This is Your Life...How Are You Spending Your Time.

Ask Yourself?

...  How Do I Spend my Free time, and how much is it worth to me to lose my Free Time by not organizing my 168 hours a week?





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