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Mind Joy Meditation

Mind Joy Meditation

There are different kinds of meditations. There is a meditation where you take a book and you open it up anywhere and read from that place for fifteen minutes, and you write down right after you read it what you got from the written word. You will be surprised, it's like a little message from the universe; and it brings you into a dose of mind joy, because mind joy is all about creating "ah ha" moments.

Mind joy is all about allowing that. 15 minutes, choose whatever it is, then allow the practicing of your mind to go into you just being and allowing yourself some shifts and changes in your day. Ideas come in when we stop.

Being accountable shows up when we allow our 15 minutes, it cannot be expressed enough; if you want your mind joy, you have to be accountable to doing things and being willing to change the old behaviors that no longer serve your story. Realizing there are parts of this that are uncomfortable, and that there are parts of it that If you keep it, it will not serve you. It will hold you back from the mind joy moments that you are meant to have. When you are resisting change, when you are resisting newness and resisting changing old patterns, when you know that you know that It's time to move forward from this and get into the next best thing, you will experience Mind Joy. These 15 minutes takes in the practice to bring awareness into your mind joy experience. There will be more to come in sharing in the process of creating mind joy thinking.

You're invited to come out on Wednesday Evenings to meditate. It's Free 6:15 to 7:30 pm at 143 Riverview Blvd, St.Catharines, Ontario

A space to start a weekly practice. Join us    Namaste    Registration is required ... Email: or call 905-321-4405

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