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Charlene Hancock

One to One: Certified Life Coaching

Why you should choose Me as your Life Coach?

You will feel heard, respected, motivated and engaged working with me as your Life Coach. My clients always feel closer and more aligned with me as their coach when they know they are unequivocally and respectfully being heard. Presence is practiced in the moment. I bring a presence of mind when I am planning for a conversation with a client. I remind myself that I intend to be fully in the moment with the other person. I practice listening with thoughtful attention and I give consideration to the person's story.

To be the best life coach requires appropriate eye contact, and listening for meaning and feelings in the words spoken by the person. I am this life coach. I will be listening for patterns in the person's story that they are telling. This attention to listening helps me facilitate the changes that my client is looking to solve.

To get started I offer a complimentary discovery session. This usually gives about an hour to discuss the challenge you want to solve and to decide if life coaching can be the tool to get you there. I offer two different coaching packages, weekly and bi-weekly as well as drop in coaching. The topics and reasons people come to discover in any given coaching session are wide and long. Each person's story and situation is unique and special to them. My expertise coaching abilities allows for each individuals story to be heard, respected and responded to with conscious concern and intuitive intentions on my behalf. I work from The Four Agreements platform, as I truly live, walk and practice these Agreements in all my daily interactions with life.

Once you email that your interested in your complimentary discovery session, I will be in touch with you and with your permission I will send more detailed information regarding your life coaching experience and what to expect...

I look forward to meeting you.


One to one coaching



I hired Mind Joy Life Coaching for business coaching. She helped my team and myself reach new goals. I highly recommend her.

Steve Morgan

Whenever a crisis occurs which can happen when a family member is palliative with cancer, a Life Coach keeps you on track. Mind Joy's Charlene Hancock has helped me get through several of life's chall...

Lori Ann Ryan

I LOVED the Four Agreements workshops!!! I found myself very much looking forward to each workshop once I experienced the first one. I felt some major shifts happen in my old ways of thinking and feel...

Alexis Korotash

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