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Life Coaching ~ It is a Choice. It is a Solution. It is Life-Altering.

Hello, I am Charlene.... My vision is that each person that I connect with will create their own positive ripple effect of a Mindfully Lived Life. I am the Certified Life Coach that listens and engages with my clients. You will be guided away from self defeating behaviours and old beliefs that no longer serve you; into new action steps based in your new personal discoveries.

I have been where you are sifting and sorting, doubting and afraid of the unknown, limiting my own potential. Formally educated, graduated as well as self-taught, I've been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Also a wife and mother of 3 children, I've been through many adventures in personal trauma, responsibility and business ownership.

My Life Coaching Certification is through Coach Training Alliance in 2006. I am a Certified Life Coach of the Jack Canfield Train the Trainer Program in 2018. It is from this place of education and experience that I strive to walk with others through their own Life Transition.

All you need is a desire for your personal best.

I have been where you are sifting and sorting, doubting and afraid of the unknown, limiting my own potential. I got through will you! Confidential One on One sessions are a place where you can explore your story and discover what you really want. Having a life coach gives you the kick start you need in the now. I provide a listening ear, and you will receive insights and feel heard. From listening to your story, observing your body language and your tone, I will present the correct questions that will reveal perspective and understanding as we work towards your solutions.

My Life Coaching Process starts with hearing your story. No two people are the same, so your program will be designed just for you and your unique story. Your coaching program is developed from your story one session at a time within your package time frame. Your Complimentary session is here for you to decide if Life Coaching with me is for you....

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