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Mind Joy Life Coaching

My vision is that each person that I connect with will create their own positive ripple effect of a Mindfully Lived Life. I am a Certified Life Coach that builds people up and guides them through their emotional thinking process. It has taken me many years of personal experience and education, reading, studying, and connecting within my community to become a Life Transition Coach.

I have been where you are sifting and sorting, doubting and afraid of the unknown, limiting my own potential. Formally educated, graduated as well as self-taught, I've been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Also a wife and mother of 3 children, I've been through many adventures in personal trauma, responsibility and business ownership.

Through the accumulation of written materials, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle for example, I myself learned to Be Still. Be in the Moment. I wanted to step out into my world. I began creating my own Life Coaching Workshops. I started facilitating everything I read, receiving my Coaching Certification through Coach Training Alliance in 2006. It is from this place of education and experience that I strive to walk with others through their own Life Transition.

Throughout one of the many successful group Workshops or confidential One-on-One sessions, I will guide you to your higher state of self. For those willing to explore their desire and look a little deeper into their own personal story I will provide a holding of space, a listening ear, and an insight into what is said behind your words.

Through the discernment of your words, your body language, your tone, as well as your story I will present the correct questions that will reveal perspective and understanding as we work towards your solutions. All you need is a desire for your personal best. I challenge you today to commit to a contract of love, dedication and the discipline of self-purpose to focus on your life goal(s) with the freedom from self-limiting thoughts.

It is a Choice. It is a Solution. It is Life-Altering.

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