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What is a life coach

What is Life Coaching?

What Is Life Coaching?
To " Coach " comes from the root meaning: to bring a person from where they are to where they want to be - David Cottrell.
Hello, my name is Charlene and I am a Certified Life Coach...

... (Coach Training Alliance recognized by the International Coaching Federation).

I have been serving the St Catharines and the Niagara Region since 2006.
 A "Mentor" is one that will listen to another with no conditions attached, no judgements.
Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives.
Through coaching sessions my clients identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words, and actions accordingly.
As your coach...

I will work with you to help you identify what you want personally and or professionally, and support you with accountability in achieving a life that you really want and love.
Having a life you love starts with gaining clarity on your values, enabling more meaningful choices and consistent action.
Your commitment to your life through coaching offers a means for more balance, joy, intimacy, energy, financial abundance, focus, and action in every area of your life.
As Your Coach I Will...

. Encourage you to set goals that you truly want.
. Ask you to do more than you have done on your own.
. Help you focus better in order to produce results more quickly.
. Provide you with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more.
How is Coaching Different From Therapy or Consulting?
Coaching is not therapy, which goes into depth about various issues, usually dealing with the past, nor is it consulting which generally gives the client answers.
Coaching is more action-oriented and focuses primarily on the present and the future.
As a coach I enable you to determine your own 'answers' through the work done in our coaching partnership.

Who Works With A Coach?
People going through personal life changes, examples are;  newly retired, freshly graduated, individuals,
some hire a coach to guide them through relationship circumstances,
solving self-esteem issues, preventing self sabotage in life choices, overcoming self care neglect, finding personal passion and life purpose,
these are some of the people who typically work with a coach.
Regardless of their professional endeavour or place in  life, all of my clients have one thing in common: they are intentional, motivated, and ready for change.
They are individuals who want to get even more out of their lives.





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