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"having Charlene for my Life Coach has brought me accountability to my goals and dreams. It is hard work, but I have gotten results that have made a difference in my everyday life. For this I am grafeful that I have had my life coach supporting me and guiding me to be accountable. Thank You Charlene."

- Mike Ryan

"Charlene is intuitive, professional, and a joy to have as a coach. This is the second time around I am using Charlene's services. She has guided me through two big transitions in my life. 1. Graduating university and seeking employment and 2. Moving to a brand new city! She is a perfect balance of providing both calm, positive energy as well as tough love when you need to hear it. She provides doable homework to keep you focused on your goal and move forward. I have noticed a big change from where I started and where I am now. I have more awareness, more confidence, and more positive outlook on life thanks to Charlene's guidance. If you are feeling stuck or need a change, I would highly recommend seeking Charlene to help you in your life journey. Her services are worth the investment! Thank you Charlene! I am grateful for your part in my journey!"

- Jennifer

"Charlene came to me via a mutual friend during my Chiron Return. I was in the midst of a relationship with a covert narcissist who had drained my bank account, my emotions, my mental and physical reserves and slowly was spiritually murdering me. I was a broken woman in almost every regard. I have had 2 sessions with Charlene as of today and I have already come so far. Charlene somehow knows the tools for the introspective work that will lead me to my own answers. I feel more grounded after every session, I am learning to set healthy relationships boundaries, but first and foremost, I am learning to love me; the damaged, wounded parts and the pristine parts. Charlene ends my session with a Rumi card reading and encourages me to stay on path. I have always wanted to with a Spiritual Life Coach and the timing with her was divine. I am grateful. "

- Susan

"I LOVED the Four Agreements workshops!!! I found myself very much looking forward to each workshop once I experienced the first one. I felt some major shifts happen in my old ways of thinking and feeling that I've needed to clear to get "unstuck" in my life. The Four Agreements really helped elevate my thinking about other people and relationships as well. It's extremely freeing to understand not to take things personally and not to make assumptions. It's like I've gotten a clear map on how to navigate life. The meditations are wonderful and it was awesome to be able to experience that in the wonderful space Charlene provides; so peaceful and calming. It was worth going even just to experience the meditations, but the shifts that I experienced, I believe will carry me to exactly where I want to go. Going in with an open mind really allowed me to open up. Now I just need to practice and give it my best and keep on moving forward :)  Fantastic workshop. Thank you so much, Charlene! "

- Alexis Korotash

"Absolutely a life changing experience. Charlene's retreat was not only super relaxing it brought transformative healing into my life. The range of workshops, natural supportive therapies combined with a superb Chef Lori, who's menu was truly unforgettable! all helped to guide me towards my highest potential. A beautiful journey into health and wellness, I truly felt empowered! "

- Chantelle

"Charlene is amazing and inspirational!! She has been my life coach for a short period of time and I can't express how much she has helped me. I can't wait to continue the journey of life transformation. Thanks Charlene for your passion during my transformation. I highly recommend Charlene to anyone that is looking for a life coach. Truly worth every minute. "

- Michael Smith

"Retreat Feedback 1. relaxed and hapy 2. excellent 3. dish in the pineapple 4. 5. stick with daily schedule The Retreat exceeded my expectations. The food was scrumptious. I ws inspired to eat fres whenever possible was Your classes were wonderful and Ive been motivated to stay on my daily schedule so I can achieve my goals. The only workshop that I thought didn't have enough time was the vision board exercise. I would need more magazines and more time to make it meaningful for me. I would definitely come to a Niagara Retreat, but I wouldn't pay as much for it. Thank you for a wonderful experience to add to my journey. I loved it! "

- Karri Spi

"I just returned from Charlene Hancock's Rejuvenating Retreat in Collingwood. Oh my, I wanted to stay there forever. Charlene kept us in the moment with lots of meditation, looking into ourselves and how to find our joy. All the materials Charlene uses to facilitate her workshops are great. She is a power house of motivation. I need this once a year. Also, having Lori Ryan make and show us how to make healthy healing meals was fantastic. Thank you so much!"

- Sue Komandanski

Thanks Sue for your review, it was a pleasure hosting your rejuvenation spa retreat! What a great job you did allowing yourself to enjoy the process and be rejuvenated!

"I hired Mind Joy Life Coaching for business coaching. She helped my team and myself reach new goals. I highly recommend her."

- Steve Morgan

"After only two sessions so far coaching with Charlene at Mind Joy, I have faith hope and a lot of focus to reach goals I never imagined. Charlene has an incredible way of getting to the core of the situation and mapping out a solution. As a single mom with a newborn, our future is looking pretty bright now!!! "

- Krista Harrison

"Whenever a crisis occurs which can happen when a family member is palliative with cancer, a Life Coach keeps you on track. Mind Joy's Charlene Hancock has helped me get through several of life's challenges. Now she keeps me accountable with my family life and work balance. One on one coaching rates are very reasonable and the value is off the charts! Charlene has a wealth of knowledge using the works of Echart Tolle,Jack Canfield and Don Miguel Ruis who she has done extensive training with. I owe much of my happiness factor to my Life Coach at Mind JOY. Don't wait...YOU are worth investing in. Gratefully, "

- Lori Ann Ryan

"Charlene is a inspirational individual who is very passionate and a wonderful caring person who definately makes a difference in this world....thanks for being a top coach "

- Jamie Isherwood

"In my experience with Charlene she was absolutley great! She's insightful, respectful and very open. I learned a lot about myself and I feel like I have a much more clear idea of the life I desire. I have done The 4 Agreements workshops and The Passion Test with her and they were wonderful, eye opening experiences. She's a great listener and is filled with wisdom and warmth to help guide you through your life path. If you feel stuck or trapped in life, I highly recommend a session with Charlene. She's one of a kind!"

- Anthony Duz

"What charlene has given to me is a sense of wonder that life can be too flutterinly sweet to resist change in myself. She has taught to value my rarity and try and find the joy and happiness that I found as a child to motivate all I dream to be and become. Attending the Mind Joy Class Series was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I have a new sense of personal empowerment that I never had before. Thank you Charlene"

- Mike Ryan

"I have been on quite a journey...thanks to my life coach Charlene. I have met personal goals and I feel alive and happy. "

- Paul Kuzak

"Charlene Hancock from Mind-Joy Life Coaching has helped me turn around my business. Charlene's coaching works and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking change. Thanks! "

- Larry Lounsbury

"Charlene has such a calm and warm presence.  I always feel at peace leaving our sessions.  Her guidance has brought a lot to my life, including a deeper sense of self awareness and clarity on the direction I want to go."

- Cheryl Hempler

"I hired Charlene Hancock for a couple of workshops for my staff. I have seen a big difference in production and revenues. I highly recommend her for staff coaching. Thanks! "

- Frank Jones

" Charlene's coaching is a worthwhile investment of both my time and my hard earned money. I Highly recommentd to anyone who is looking to improve their life with career, relationships, self-care or confidence."

- Cheryl Davidson - Fitness Worx


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