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News Story Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Art of Living Together

The Art of Living Together
Practicing the Second Agreement... How to not take anyone personally.....

If we are expecting the world to be nice and the world to cooperate and for the world to keep operating like the way we are used to....we will have issues with resistance and defensiveness and expectations from others in any given moment.
If you want to believe this, you got that. If you want to believe this you got that. The reasoning mind needs to choose the that, which will give you what you want. But you first have to believe you have a choice and then you have to choose, knowing and understanding that each that has a natural consequence and which consequence do you want to live in?
Example, I'm scared that I won't be able to handle so and so in the house right now, I have no choice I am quarantined with them... you can choose to continue to act out and react to wanting to control how that person is behaving. Your responsibility is to know that you are the chooser, and each choice you make gets you what you want by natural law. We are beings with conscious powerful energy. And we do decide, and we do experience natural consequences in every thought; Each thought leads to the outcome from that thought which creates the experience in the moment with that person, that circumstance, that reaction. So realize you are experiencing natural consequence from your thought that made you react .
Lets review this understanding.... if you want to believe this, you get that, you own it, it's yours. Know that you have a choice. Understand your choice on how you are going react is going to give you the natural consequence. If you feel you need to be right and the other wrong, then realize that you are adding to the fear and the stress of any given situation or moment. you are in with another and expecting the person to agree, but in the meantime you do not realize that it is what you are believing which is giving you what you are getting...
How are you going to choose how you respond to someone's behaviour that you don't approve of and are you going to continue to allow your reaction to effect your day?
Don't be fooled, you will react to tone of voice and this will trigger you into old reactive patterns. Step back, be the watcher of the person in front of you instead of the reactor, this will not leave you r comfort zone and the other person gets to be who they are...receiving their own natural consequences from their own choice of....if they want to believe what they got, then they own it, and you get to hold on to your personal power and just watch them be who they are.
Remember the serenity prayer.... God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The People I Cannot Change, The Courage to Change The People I Can (By knowing I own every reaction I give to another even if I don't agree with their tone or their behaviour) And To Know The Wisdom To Know The Difference.
In Understanding this prayer we find ourselves able to take comfort in knowing we choose what we believe and we get what we get from that belief, and this makes a world of difference in how households around the planet right now can learn to get along and practice living in the second agreement in everyday circumstances in little moments between each other.
Best Advice from this Life Coach..... Be The Watcher, Not the Reactor. And watch with love not condemnation or judgement, but just allow the other person to feel heard and visible and loved no matter their energy because mostly every one is reacting from a fearful place right now, because we do not know the future. This is a moment to seize from striving through fear and let go and release into a new knowing, a possible new belief that you get to choose every moment how you will react, and practice not taking anyone personally and owning your power by faith.

News Story Friday, August 30, 2019

Mind Joy Life Coaching has been nominated for the Reader Choice Awards 2019

This is exciting! Mind Joy Life Coaching has been nominated for the Reader Choice Awards 2019! 





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