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What is Mind Joy

What is Mind Joy

Mind joy is a place where you have come from releasing resistance to your story. When you release fear, when you release being a victim, you have mind joy. You have this sense of well being, you have this caring relationship with yourself. Becoming the observer of positive self talk brings you mind joy.

Mind joy is a process. It's kind of a school where you go into your own class with yourself. You learn to recognize what you are resisting. Finding out what your willing to do to create your next best chapter. Learning to Trust the voice in your head that says "hey this feels good, I'm going to do more of this feeling good stuff." This Willingness to Trust your positive words you say to yourself, creates confidence and motivation.

The Four Agreements are a tool for practicing daily in order to experience mind joy, following the path of your words... into finding what your resistance is. Usually your resistance comes from something that you are holding on to that you consciously know authentically that its an old belief that no longer serves you. The moment one becomes the observer of the thought, you have the opportunity to change your thought, change your mind. Mind Joy comes as a conscious understanding that these thoughts do not make me feel good and I have the Power to Change them!

Evidence of the Joy

We have each one come here to do something with our personality and with our talent. The willingness to do our Best, comes from an inner will. Inner will creates faith that can bring you Mind Joy. Having the knowing and trust in the universe. Faith is opening up and allowing what you don't know for sure to be partners with you in your thinking processes; so that you identify the joy less words and release what doesn't serve you. Hearing your own thoughts and choosing joy thoughts instead.

Evidence of the Joy is when you feel good as you practice the art of Living and knowing that you are allowing yourself the experience of daily Mind Joy moments. As we learn how to treat our selves well by being Impeccable with how we think of ourselves...then mind-joy creates real life mind joy moments.

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