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Mind Joy LIfe Coaching: Value Your Rarity

Hello and welcome to another Mind Joy Life coaching moment in my wonderful yard a great space to talk to you today about valuing your rarity. When we're valuing our rarity we're in a position to embrace life. We're in a place where we can ask what do I want and maybe get the answer because we value that there's, something inside of us that wants to live through us. That is our gift that is our talent and in order to get close to that you have to know what you want. But, before you can even know what you want, you have to value who you are before you, even know what you are Or what it is that you're going to do so. I have this amazing offer that I absolutely love it saved. In My life I have read Og Mandino who wrote: "The Greatest Miracle in the World. The book is called the Greatest Miracle in the World. It's about a rag picker and it's an allegorical story that in the bottom line end of the story, all I know is at the end of the day, I am braced and valued by rarity because he made it very clear. Valued my Rarity because he made it very clear that I am so fully made with the miracles of so many cells and all the numbers of whatever created me and how I came into existence and create such an artistic clarity about that.  So today, for your mind, joy moment value rarity long before you know what you're going to do for  your gift here. When you value rarity it comes quicker, your allowing the universe to bring to you to tell you what it is that you are going to be so very good at in your gift of bringing you to the world, so this is my mind. Joy moment with you today and as I leave you I'd ask you, please, just value your rarity. Thank you for spending A few moments with me and mind joy life coaching today.

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