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I Like Me Therefore I Am Me

I Like Me Therefore I Am Me!

I want to like myself more then I need others to like me.

Why? Because when what others think of me matters more to me then what I think of me, I am looking outside of myself for approval, when all the while, if I just accept myself unconditionally I'd be liking all of me and I'd need no approval from the world.

It's a between me and God thing. I truly believe that I am all loved by God.

I believe that I am alive for a purpose under heaven.

I believe by liking all of me and having my own personal talks with God, I stay connected to being alive in my daily moments of not thinking what other people think of me. It's between me and God. Keeping it real with daily Spiritual pep talks.

I believe when I look around that people will see me as I am, If Not, that is not my story. It's none of my business what people think of me!

I believe that liking myself everyday brings me a sense of my mind filled with Joy.

My thoughts say I am ok, your ok. And if your not ok, look me up, I am a sought after Spiritual Transitionist and Life Coach, I meet people where they are at and we journey into the jungle of self and come out the other side feeling whole, alive, in the moment and filled to the brim with a sense of their mind filled with joy from the awareness of liking All the self.

I like Me, Therefore I Am Me!

Curious about what a one on one session with me would feel like? If so, please send me a message and set up a time. It's a complimentary space for you to fill in new dimensions of personal thought awareness. If these words resonate with you, I look forward to hearing from you. We can meet over Skype, telephone or in person. Your welcome to text or call 905-321-4405. or email

*I chose life coaching because it's the best feeling in the world to meet with people in one on one sessions and get to them and hear them share their story, and then be given the privilege to guide and inspire them to their personal power!






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