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The challenges of social media personalities


Some of us are braver than others how expansive and open these brave ones allow their real story to unreals like a movie, from post pic to post pic and sharing all around everything about them selves.


Those that are not so brave step back and likely judge the brave ones.


The conservative ones only give enough in their Postings to vaguely point the visitor to guess at who they are.


The aggressive ones are those that post angry stuff.


The truth tellers are giving it all, politically, morality exposed.


This space called facebook has it's advantages for those that seek to connect with their world. For each face is it's own story to share through the concept of being an example by what we post.


Inspiration and motivation come from the light workers, the ones that are exposing and taking care of Mother Earth.


Facebook is the world's best opportunity to have free expression to show how good it can get and for those who also share how bad it can get.


It most certainly is a risk to become invulnerable to existing as the human race, exposed to public opinion. But if we each allow our vulnerability, by feeling every experience and staying open, we realize how alive we feel in that moment and that's when we can open to sharing who we really are.


The Four Agreements could be very well applied on Facebook for all to come to know the message in the Ancient Toltec Truths. Impeccabilty with the word. Not taking things personally, not making any assumptions and doing our best!


As we stream through these Facebook personalities may we realize we hold the threads that keep this Facebook energy flowing into mankind and making a difference in how this whole world communicates!


So my message for today is be who ever you are out there in social media and challenge yourself to connect and personally be conscious in those messages that you are all putting out there for one another.


I leave you with this... Treat everything you do like art and watch the outcome make you feel alive.

 *Please go to the video section of mind-joy by going under the tools bar and watch the video of Brene Brown on topic of the price of the risk for invulnerability.





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