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My re-begin blog ....

Spit zig -consciously realizing that one can choose every word they are thinking. 

Are you aware of the fact that every thought you find in Your are putting there; and that... You get to choose if the words that create the feelings stays or, ask "how are these words originating from me?"

Easier said then done, 🤓no pun intended lol.
But the easier part is coming to understand spit zig : (unconscious unconsciousness) is when we do not know that we can consciously realize that one can choose every word they are thinking. As in the before thinking thinking. 

It's just that we are all so involved with chasing the words around in our minds; that turn into feelings and then reactions; and then the outcomes of the natural consequences show up from the words we chose to think and speak.

Taking the analogy of 'nothing is as it seems', it is safe to say that words create life in the intelligence factor of being alive and knowing what being aware of spit zig can do for you. Spit zig is an action of reaction to word delivery before it hits the frontal cortex in the brain. Before the word becomes recognized by the ego. Before the ego becomes the energy field of your own brain dynamics. Realize this; your aura, personal spiritual presence is there first; it is the space before the words become words; It's like catching a fire fly. You must watch for it and pay attention in the moment so you can capture a glimpse of the light. (Alegorically within you) This creates daylight savings (more head space for positive thoughts) time for your spirit. Once we realize we choose in the minds eye moment to leave unconscious unconsciousness into the consciousness of our unconsciousness. 
Once, this new spark of light ignites the pineal gland ( the spiritual centre in the brain), (This is where the good vibrational words come from); one can then be lifted into a new understanding of the process of how they have been delivering the words to their ego centre. The ego centre is a great distributor of these words. 
It is the job of our newly realized higher conscious selves to deliver the words that support the visions and dreams that we positively choose; through accepting words that become beliefs; that then serve you  for your higher purpose here on earth. (rather then words that do not serve you)

Come into the understanding that you matter enough to get this spit zig and start spitting out only the positive words that will create a vortex out of your frontal cortex. A vortex that is filled with every good word that creates thoughts that makes you feel mind joy breaths; with days and hours filled with the love of life that you embrace giving you the natural consequence of feeling peace. 

It is because of spit zig that I will now create my next best challenge for me and my mind joy company. And because of this is I am introducing myself afresh; with a new coaching approach. I will be expressing words through audio taping me reading my words, and other authors words (this makes me an author-izer) of all words that are intended to awaken people to conscious consciousness; (that being that you are conscious that you are conscious) The place where one is awake, alive, breathing, seeing, hearing, knowing the meaning of spit zig and creating from that place of knowing the intention of every word one thinks before they think as to create a mind joy thought filled life.

The challenge: create your new spit zig library and fill it with words that inspire your soul into happiness for everyday uses of positive natural consequences....

Ask: how are these words originating in me?

How will you use spit zig to create your mood today?

I hope you enjoyed my re-begin blog today. It would be great to have feed back on what you have come to understand about Spit Zig....





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