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An invitation


I would like to send out an invitation today for those that are feeling a need for support and guidance through a difficult situation.

I have been a mentor since I was a very young girl. My background always opened opportunities for me to be a mentor. It seemed to come just naturally to me. Managing an automotive business for eighteen years taught me everything I needed to know about people. They like to tell their story. I like to listen. And, with my gift of discernment and intuition, the people always gave me great feedback from my listening and mentoring.

All the while I was in the company of running an automotive business, the last place I ever expected to land was the automotive business. I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life. I have worked in many fields. Banking, government, lawyers, health care, small business. All of these positions and experiences helped me find great communication skills in dealing with people and situations. (Many authors I have absorbed into my cellular memory)

And how amazed I have been at the luck of me coming across The Four Agreements by the Author Don Miguel Ruiz. This was my shift changer. The material in these Four Agreements, changed how I think, feel, react and become, myself in my daily life. These agreements have lead me into a great path of being an intuitive light worker, mentor, leader and life coach.

In 2006 I aspired to get connected to this service of mentoring people. I enrolled in the Coach Training Alliance. I graduated and began my journey over the past ten years of building my self around being and becoming the most authentic, transparent healed soul, so that I can bring my service to my world. 

I say my world because, every single person I work with is a gift for me to do my service of being a mentor and transformational life coach. I have invited into my world those that are ready for change. Those that I meant to serve.  I love navigating people towards what they really want and desire. I take pride in being confident to motivate each person to action, because without action there is no change.

One can only come to know this by coming to realize when you feel stuck and unhappy, that it is the universe calling you to your own personal best. Heed this call, for this is the conduit of love coming to you to grace you with the inner power to overcome your self talk fears, and step into what's next...feel the fear and doing it anyway.

Difficult situations always have resistance attached to them. It only makes sense to switch the thoughts into solution gear instead. If we speak from a place of defeat before we even begin, we will never get started. Excused and distractions will always get in the way.

My invitation today is for those in a troubling situation to take action today and receive a complimentary coaching session that will inspire you to open the next door and the next. 

Life is too short to sit and wait for the answers. We must engage in allowing for change in order to move the emotions to feeling good and the confidence to feeling stronger.


Reach me by email at, your time is now if your the one feeling the urge. Make that connection and allow me to guide and facilitate you to the answers you seek....









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