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How Easily .....


How easily ....

... How easily we allow ourselves the indulgence of distracting from the aligned good feeling emotions. 

What I mean by that, is... I have found myself going through my day feeling the coming in and going out of emotions. The more emotionally intelligent I become, the more I can be in the moment and catch myself indulging the shadow mood over my good mood. These are words that can trap you into thinking you are not enough and you begin sending your doubting Thomas vibe into your thinking process and before you know it, your unaligned with that good feeling, that feeling of having joy in your mind...this shadow thought pattern of negative word delivery  gets in the way more often then we should allow it to in any good mood day.

How to recognize the shift of shadow words  presence before it consumes your moment and takes you onto a negative tangent...

Guard your words and thoughts  towards judging the self. It is time to carry a new vision of I can do it! When you feel your happy mood waning, ask yourself what do I need? Stop and feel what you need, let what you need come up and identify what this looks like. For example, I am overwhelmed with the new declaration of my newest plan for Collingwood retreats. I'm excited and then my mood shifts... I say, "where did that good feeling go?" And I sense a loss of power and I then identify the thought that took me there? I confirm with my inner critic. "Oh, you again! No it is not true that all 24 people that the universe has ordered will not fill the space!" I then claim an instantly remembered vision and feeling that, "I am able to work with the universe and trust this process and receive what I am asking for: to give 24 special people, chosen by the universe, each the opportunity to receive what I have to offer and serve each one with the right timing for them in November of this year!

By  identifying  the low feeling and tracing it back to the thought that created it, I get to choose a different train of thought; I can re engage my confidence and motivation and be in a head space of mind joy by consciously choosing the words I think! 

This takes practice, but as you realize that your moods do not have of control you, but that you can control them ~ now this is a way of life that can change your life to more moments of good moods filled with mind joy thoughts! 

Mostly all of us have the mental capacity to understand this process and apply it to the self mastery for a better feeling  better way of life. If you agree with me today... Make a comment and let me know what you think....






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