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Mastering Priorities


It's all about mastering your Priorities

The three levels of living in self-care....

Level one is the just getting by on a thread. Dealing with survival Mode circumstances. This energy of striving to survive sometimes is misery for the mind and the emotions. The sometimes is the rare person who recognizes that the misery can be overcome by contemplating gratitude in even the smallest tiniest thing. Being thankful in a place of poverty opens the door for hope. When self-care is lacking it creates a lack of mental alertness that creates a fog. The fog comes from lack of daily nutrients. Lack of nutrients stems from poor food choices, no sleep pattern, stress from overthinking. Over a period of time this creates the living on a thread dynamic from poor self-care.

Recognizing that your thoughts create actions cures this. When one hears the voice saying, "don't bother cooking something healthy, I'll brush my teeth tmrw, I'll take a shower Wednesday, I'll just eat this unhealthy food choice" etc.... One responds instead by saying, "no, I choose a better self-care choice, because I know the natural consequences of allowing myself to care less. Caring less makes me sad, depressed, lack energy, feel inadequate". You see, these chosen verbal responses make up who you are, what you feel, how you allow yourself to dream, or play dead by living in ignorance of your truth. It's all in the small daily self-talk choices.

Becoming unravelled . The second level of self-care

In the second level there is an awakening of consciousness whereby the individual recognizes that the getting by on a thread is not bringing any results. The old way of thinking no longer serves you. One recognizes that if you keep doing what you have always done, you will continue to get what you always got. If you are always feeling not enough, depressed, tired, lazy, lack of energy, you now recognize this routine is not working in your favor. It is not serving you. It's time to pull in the thread of your existence and make it stronger leaner, healthier.
Choices are made to clean up your act. Proper scheduling of eating and grooming and taking care of your personal space and your negative routine self-talk. Visual affirmations are displayed and realized and lived by. And then change starts to subtly happen. You add in more positive choices that keep adding to the personal best and then all of a sudden your living out loud happy and alive ready to commit to your next best level of being you.

Level three ...Pulling in the thread

Pulling on the thread is the personally known ability that you can own your personal power and decide on ultimate self-care with daily choices that support your best life. Once you remember your rarity and desire wellness, you can then act on decisions that take you to the level of your next best self. The best self that feels amazing ongoing because you are in a routine of taking your self-care seriously.






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