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Collective Anxiety Part 1

Collective Anxiety

It shows up with Just a Thought!

What is Collective Anxiety? Where does Collective Anxiety come from?

Collective Anxiety is a fear based society that has learned through its domestication to thrive unconsciously in uncomfortable feelings of fear of the future.

Collective Anxiety also comes from fear of the past, which adds added side bars of shame and guilt.

When will this wheel of energy stop turning the world?

The wheel of Collective Anxiety is an energy of collective thoughts from a world of millions of individual people. Each having their own thoughts and beliefs collectively thinking fear of the future or their past. This energy of thought is an actual vibration.
Within this vibration it locks down the thought pattern that keeps reconnecting to the patterned fear thoughts, and continues the wheel of energy of Collective Anxiety. This thought process of collective anxiety keeps us frozen from living in a World of Confidence.

If we can collectively pattern collective anxiety - as a world we can also create the opposite of collective anxiety and create Collective Confidence, so that the wheel finally takes the journey of living in the solution.

The answer .... It's a change of mind. The power to change the mind of a society collective comes from creating a world of millions of individual people thinking from a place of valuing their rarity and making decisions that support this personal value. Loving the self sooooo much, without a doubt, that the collective energy of the people on earth will experience the paradigm of Collective Confidence.
Change comes from one person at a time by the millions reaching out to talk about valuing each other too. Keeping ones Word Impeccable Is the Language of the World. This forms the new Collective Energy Vibration.
The Answer... When we can keep our individual language by the millions one at a time in a place of valuing our own personal rarity, being Impeccable with our Word, then the Energy on this Planet will Shift and create the New Vibrational Paradigm of Collective Confidence.

Each individual having Faith in this process is the true answer.... ....More to come





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