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Natural Consequences

Natural consequences: The results that happen after action is taken in a personal decision. If you do A you get B. One of the clearly truthful life changing aspects of living life.

Life is all about free will, but if you think for one second, we have been given a spirit of truth that resides in each one of us. This spirit of truth comes through discernment. Discernment is an inner knowing of good and bad that the ego does not always obey. Understanding free will to create natural consequences.

We all experience that feeling of woulda, coulda, shoulda.

This is your inner compass trying to guide you to your personal truth. By natural consequences. The inner dialogue of should I or should I not; is the true part of the human spirit that instinctively knows that A will get me B. The trick to outsmarting the ego of its wants and desires at any cost, is to be impeccable with discerning good or bad natural consequences before taking action on ones decision.

At times the cost of the natural consequences comes down to forgiving the self for the unwise, unconscious choice made.

Other times, when the decision has been made in alignment with the soul purpose, the reward is great. The self talk then feeds good thoughts into self confidence.

Natural consequences play a huge role in self talk of reward and punishment. When choices made create negative natural consequences, the consequences can come as a gift, if we choose forgiveness of the self and learn the lesson the first time around. Getting back to pure self love can be very difficult once the negative natural consequences have taken place.

A solution to this pattern of behaviour is to be aware of what the process of ego and choices can bring. When one comes from the heart in making decisions, one can create natural consequences that create abundance and personal freedom. On the other hand, without discerning the natural consequences ahead of time, one is in for a personal journey of blocked positive self talk.

Guilt and shame thoughts will enter the self talk dialogue when a negative natural consequence occurs.

On the other hand, when one is aware enough from the heart and not being lead by the ego, better choices will create natural positive consequences to transpire.


Woulda, coulda, shoulda's are natural thought processes that arise to awaken our discerning nature. It's the language of thoughts that guide us to discern and learn the lesson of self forgiveness. The challenge is to learn the lesson in the negative natural consequence, so as to not make that decision twice.

The clear solution is in receiving the knowing that the decision did not serve you. The next step is allowing self forgiveness.

What is self forgiveness? Self forgiveness is placing thoughts in your mind that apologize to the self. Ending the negative self talk. Making a new agreement to stop the negative choice that lead to negative consequence. Agreeing that negative self talk does not serve you any more than the negative consequence did.

Allowing this thought process will create a letting go of the shame and guilt held in the ego. One will begin to trust the discerning thoughts that know better next time.

Without personal forgiveness there is no maturity of the heart. Maturity of spirit comes from being aware of what natural consequences can teach us.

Natural consequences teach us to learn and live better the next time you make this decision. Without self love we are a society of people who do not have self regard and hold self contempt in self sabotage. When we don't think well and love ourselves through auto forgiveness, we bring to the world our fractured ego's instead of our true nature of being loving to our selves and others. When we withhold letting ourselves learn the lesson the first time around, we will continue this wheel of sending negative words to our self talk, which sucks the life and joy out of being human.

Understanding natural consequences before acting in a decision is using your free will to your personal advantage. Each time your natural consequences are a positive outcome one gains trust and self talk that serves them with a life filled with self love and joy. The thing about it is... We are human in flesh but spirit is our natural nature. Getting in touch with the heart instead of the head paves the way to make positive choices that create positive natural consequences. This creates natural Mind Joy!





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