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That Still Small Voice

~until you say yes~

Sometimes it takes awhile to wake up and really see what it is you are up to in life.
Often times you do hear that still small voice, but you ignore it, save the listening in to 'it' for another day...
Another day's turns into years and before you know it...
You wake up and forgive yourself for all your yesterdays, that you said no to yourself when you needed to say yes, and yes when you needed to say no.
Start a new day with a fresh outlook.
This Day is the only day you have.
Every moment IS your own.
Own the moment of listening today to that still small voice.

If it yells at you, embrace it and say sorry.
If it makes you feel bad, ask it to forgive you.
then...listen for the love.
Its a feeling you get when you hear your still small voice say yes or no when 'it' needs to.

Life is not a perfectly wrapped gift,
but 'it', (the still small voice), still gives us the present.

This day, hour, minute, to finish and conquer whatever stops you from saying yes when you mean to say no, and saying no when you mean to say yes.

Get in touch with listening in...
Like a radio station have the ability and vibration to listen in over yourself.
Enjoy the process.
Get your hands on awesome books that are out there waiting for your ears and heart.
I became a life coach because I want to tell you that there is so much offered for you to take in and grow from that can guide your life process.

The moment you are into receiving will hear 'it'.

The inside body will have a new overall sensation.
You will also recognize a sense of well being...or
you may feel fear...(automatic response will want to reject what is good for you by being afraid of new feelings).
Go with it...see where this takes you...

Remember: Love ~ its a feeling you get when your hearing your still small voice...and consequent good feelings follow as you take the right authentic action with your soul.





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