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Like it used to be

Do you ever find yourself saying, "I wish it were like it used to be?"

This sentence is an informing one. It indicates that the person is not In the now. Or, they are avoiding being in the now. Not liking the now. Wishing for back then, like it used to be.

Pondering the past can be a fun exercise if you are inviting memories that make your day more happy, joyful and balanced. Remembering positive stories and memories creates the experience of positive endorphins. These kinds of past stories put a smile on our face.

The memories that reflect back disappointment and failure and bad choices can create a different kind of day. When it's a sad or angry memory the from the past it can weaken our immune system and create depression in our energy field.

There is a saying "stand guard at your own soul". To me, this means be the watcher of your thoughts. Guard your time and prevent negative thoughts from stealing daily moments. Do not let your negative thoughts run away with you. Realize that you can be in charge.

You become in charge when you are watching over your thinking patterns In Your minds eye. You become aware how these thoughts make you feel.

So when we are saying, "I wish it was like it used to be", try to remember the good used to be memories. Bring that good feeling into your present day and create a brand new day of memories with that used to be feeling.

By practicing being the watcher of our reactions to our thoughts, we can catch a glimpse of the used to be memories and still be happy in the Now.







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