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The in between place of changing this world

For those of us who do know what we are here to be and do on this planet, we need to find peace in the in-between place of the changing world.

It's refreshing to give good news. It's as if the world has been In a waiting room, and now Dr. Life has let us in its office.
Be not discouraged, those that have the knowing. We can stay the course when we realize that each of us has his/her own gift, talent, tribe and purpose to prevail.

Of course as we do our work, we are receiving many rejections from those who prefer to stay in the waiting room complaining and being impatient. Spinning their wheels of denial and resistance. These ones we can release to their own natural consequences. Our focus as Energy Workers is to stay the course, on purpose with enthusiasm.

Applying the Five Agreements process will keep things in alignment. Be Impeccable with your word. Don't take anything or anyone personally. Don't make assumptions. Do your best.
When we read this material by Don Miguel Ruiz, and live by these agreements, we create courage, strength, enthusiasm, joy and spirit to come to the surface In our daily living experience.

You will grow away from the in-between place of changing this world. Your clarity of knowing your purpose and living your purpose will bring confidence and courage. Continue to be patient with those that are not ready yet, but encourage those that are ready. You know through your gift of discernment and reading body language those that are ready.

As you focus on the ones that are ready, they will also be attracted to your energy and you will get into the being source energy, creating your own tribe, which creates your personal contribution of change in the world.

The truth is, as each of us embraces our true purpose and live in the intention of taking action daily through repetition; your example of living in intention and action will create the energy field for your contribution in changing the world. Leading by example. Choosing to act in your purpose, you gain momentum out of the between place of changing the world. You are actually in the world making a world of difference. Creating mind joy for people one by one as you create your own tribe.







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