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Mapping Enthusiasm

How can we hold onto enthusiasm?


Feelings come and feeling go, but there is one feeling that can stay ~ Enthusiasm!


Enthusiasm is an inside job. It's a heart thumping stronger from the centre of your soul.


Enthusiasm is a confident knowing all is well behind all the circumstances and day to day stuff.


Before your day begins enthusiasm is bubbling up inside of you because anticipating your new day is waiting for you!


Staying the course when all around is caotic. Enthusiasm shines a light in front of everything and guides us to gain a positive perspective.


Enthusiasm can be learned once a person becomes conscious that they turn on enthusiasm every time they think a positive thought into the future.


Yes we are busy. Yes we are tired. Yes we are trying. Yes we care. Yes we want things to work out! But, without enthusiasm as our co-pilot we can keep nose diving into doubts and fears of the future. Because circumstances cannot take away your enthusiasm for life unless you let it.


To hold onto enthusiasm one keeps the heart open All the time! Enthusiasm is greeting people openly. Enthusiasm is a feeling of being happy from the inside out and not being afraid to share your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is confidence crescendoing  with your dance with life.


There is a saying ~ you teach others how to treat you. Well, we need to teach ourselves' how to treat the self.


Learn that enthusiasm is the shiny reflection of light that's beams off the crystal inside your heart; enthusiasm guides us into remembering our mind joy feeling of being alive!


You will be guaranteed to be rejuvenated with enthusiasm after experiencing this amazing conscious awakening, soul inspiring, bring on your personal best retreat!


There is one for women ~ and one for men Retreat for men November 18th to 21st.

Retreats for women November 15 to 18 and 21 to 24.

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